Commercial Property Inspections

Should you get a light commercial inspection? Yes. You might consider these questions:

  • Does the roof leak?
  • How old is the HVAC system? What kind of system is it?
  • Is the electrical system adequate?
  • Are there any conditions that are unsafe for workers and clients?
  • What is the condition of the structure?
  • What condition is the plumbing system? Are there any leaks?
  • What kind of electrical system do you have available? 208v or 480v, 3 phase or Single-phase?

These are just a few questions that a light commercial inspection can help to answer prior to your signing a lease or make your purchase.

As a business you know the value of understanding the expenses and costs that can affect your company. Knowing what the condition is of the building that will house one of your most important assets, your business, just makes good financial sense. Maybe the owner of the building is responsible for most, if not all of the repairs to the property, but what if the repair of that building requires you to move out temporarily? How will that affect your cash flow? A commercial inspection before you sign a lease or purchase the property should be part of your decision making process. Additionally, you will likely find that periodic inspections of the property will pay off in the long run by heading off avoidable issues.

Inspections are performed on commercial real estate up to 10,000 square feet. Our inspections will help to identify if a more a specialized inspection needs to be performed. Our reports will include pictures and detailed explanations that will make it easy to understand the item or concern identified. Here are a few types of businesses that we perform light commercial inspections for:

  • Store Front Businesses
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Low-rise Buildings
  • Light Manufacturing Buildings

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