Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) Stab Loc Service Panels

What to know, are they safe, what should I do with them if I purchase a house with one? First, what is the big deal? Well, the big deal is that FPE Stab-Loc panels and circuit breakers did not meet or fully comply with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) requirements. Additionally,... [read more]


Owning and Maintaining Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers are also called swamp coolers. In this article we will be talking about the How’s, What’s, and When’s.How do they work? When is the best environmental range for them work in? And what should you do to maintain them? First, let’s discuss: How does an evaporative cooler... [read more]

By Jeremy Strouse 7-24-2017

CATEGORIES: Home Maintenance

Reduce the Stress of the Inspection When Selling Your Home

Selling your home is stressful. There are so many moving parts and many things that we just cannot control. But, there are areas that we can improve to help reduce some of the stress and unknowns. Today we will examine the inspection for the home that we are... [read more]

By Strouse Home Inspections 4-5-2017

CATEGORIES: Home Inspections

Strauss Home Inspections or Strouse Home Inspections

About Strouse Home Inspections First, let’s make at distinction, its Strouse Home Inspections, not Strauss Home Inspections. I don’t know when it got switched but it was sometime before 1900. We traced our family back to southern Indiana in the late 19th century. We have not determined if we... [read more]

By Strouse Home Inspections 3-23-2017

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Structural - Roof Extensions

Older homes can have some crazy things that home owners and buyers of more modern homes likely don’t have to face. Roof Extensions In a recent inspection of an older home that was “rehabbed” there was a unique configuration for the extended roof over a back porch. See the... [read more]

By Strouse Home Inspections 2-13-2017

CATEGORIES: Home Maintenance

Crawl Spaces How to Manage Them

As an inspector, one of the dirties, grimiest, spidery-webbyest, places I go is in the crawl space. Most of the time the home buyer says, “take lots of pictures and let me know if there’s a problem”. Crawl spaces have many uses and reasons they are part... [read more]

By Strouse Home Inspections 2-13-2017

CATEGORIES: Home Maintenance