Routine Home Maintenance Get dependable home care on a regular schedule

When a critical system in your home breaks down, large scale repairs or replacements can be costly. But proper preventative maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. With our flexible routine maintenance plans, you can rest easy knowing that everything in your home is working correctly. You can customize a list of routine services and inspections to be carried out on an annual, bi-annual, or quarterly basis based on your needs. Options can be selected a la carte or as part of a package deal.

Customizable Plans
Keeps Your Home Safe & Efficient
Tailored to Your Schedule
Saves Money in the Long-Term

Our Maintenance Services Include:


  • Clean refrigerator coils & compressor
  • Replace refrigerator water filter
  • Clean & maintain garbage disposal
  • Degrease stove vent hood
  • Clean interior of dishwasher and filter
  • Polish stainless steel surfaces
  • Clean & seal granite/marble counter tops


  • Clean exterior & interior dryer vents
  • Maintain washing machine filter
  • Clean washing machine drum
  • Snake drains
  • Maintain bathroom exhaust fan


  • Grease & oil garage door
  • Clean garbage & recycling bins

Utility Room

  • Supply water softener salt
  • Change furnace filter
  • Change humidifier filter
  • Inspect/test sump pump
  • Drain water heater sediment
  • Clean & maintain air exchanger
  • Furnace/AC tune up recommendation

Whole Home

  • Replace light bulbs (provided by client)
  • Replace smoke alarm batteries
  • Clean & reverse ceiling fans
  • Check fire extinguishers
  • Clean and inspect air ducts
  • Perform annual property review


  • Examine structure, report damage
  • Winterize A/C unit
  • Clean A/C unit for spring
  • Examine roof & gutters

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