Sewer Scope

Why should you get a sewer scope inspection? Frankly, because it could cost a homeowner (new or old) a lot of money. This is from a City of Aurora brochure “Homeowners Guide to Sewer Lines”, “Homeowners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the service line – the portion of the pipe that extends from the home into the street, alley, easement or right-of-way – into the city’s main sewer line, as well as any street and sidewalk repairs that result.” Here are a few more places to go to confirm that in the metro area, even state wide, the homeowners’ responsibility is the same as it relates to the sewer line. Full Brochure - Valley Sanitation District – Ken Caryl Ranch Water & Sanitary District – Lakewood So, you want to know the condition of the sewer line from the house to the city sewer main or even the septic tank or system. The last thing that you want is a notice from the local sanitation district giving you 25 to 45 days to fix a broken sewer tap (connection). Read this Denver Post story.

What does that all mean and what are you looking for in a sewer line and scope. Equally, for different reasons, you want to inspect that the city sewer tap is not broken or offset, requiring it to be fixed from the local sanitation district. Also, you want to inspect that there are no other issues that could cause the sewer line to back up such as, low spots, broken or cracked piping, tree root intrusion, transition issues, pipe material concerns, and if the pipe just needs to be cleaned. Any of these issues can cause a financial hardship on a family that just purchased a new home. All can vary in cost, but the one with a municipal deadline can create the most stress and cost, the bill could be anywhere from $3000 - $12,000 or more.

Ordering a sewer scope with your home inspection is convienent and will give you additional information that is vital to the financial and physical health of your family. The cost of a sewer scope is from $149.00 - $300.00 is low compared to the cost of some the problems that the inspection can identify prior to your purchase.