Radon Testing

When we think about the safety of our homes and of our families, we take it very seriously. We want to protect our homes, but especially our families. We don’t need statistics to tell us house fires can kill, but every year more than 4000 people die in house fires. We don’t need statistics to tell us that smoke detectors can save lives, although 60% of home fire deaths occur in homes without a smoke detector. House fires are more tangible than another silent killer, radon. Radon, according to the EPA, is 5 times more lethal than home fires, some 20,000 deaths a year are attributed to radon. Like a smoke detector, a radon test and mitigation systems should be high on our list of safety considerations and tools available to make our families safe.

Radon is a result of decaying uranium which is found in all soil. The levels of which vary. This can get trapped underneath the home finding its way through any nook and cranny of the walls and foundation. As it just sits there while the radon concentration increases. Radon is odorless so no matter how concentrated it becomes you’ll never be able to detect it without a radon test. You might not think that it is a big deal but the truth of it is, it can cause a number of health problems, the biggest of which is the fact that it can cause lung cancer. There have been numerous studies done to confirm that there is a link between the two.

Strouse Home Inspections offers you the most affordable radon testing around to keep you and your family safe. The test takes about total for 48 hours. It is simple and safe. We just put two small containers in the basement or ground floor of your home and then let it sit there, the air will take care of the rest. At the conclusion of the 48 hour test, we then pick it up and take it back to the lab where we process the numbers and send you the results. Then you can make a decision based on results that are scientifically derived. Call us today to get your home tested for radon!

About Radon Mitigation