Our Services

When you reach out to Strouse Home Inspections, you will be met with people who genuinely care. Providing thorough and meticulous inspections and compiling detailed reports for customers takes time. That is why not every inspector you encounter will offer you the same attention to detail that we will.

Having a comprehensive account of all of the various parts of a home can better equip you in the home buying process as well as long into your homeownership. It can help you decide what is a good purchase for you, acknowledging a property’s strengths and weaknesses. And it can help you better care for your home once you are in it by knowing where the beating hearts of your home are located and what condition they are in.

When you trust us to come out and inspect a property, we will make sure that you will not be met with any surprises by disclosing all details to you. We offer an entire suite of inspection services, so that you can get all of your needs taken care of in one place.

Reliable services we offer include: